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A splashback is a wall feature that protects the underlying wall from water damage near sinks and bathtubs. Splashbacks are essential in a home to prevent the rotting of surrounding walls, which can be expensive to fix. They can also be used around the stove to protect the walls from oil and grease. Oil and grease can cause discolouring and make the walls greasy, and a splashback can make cleaning these areas much easier. It also provides a surface that resists staining, as the splashback prevents grease from penetrating the wall, where it will go rancid and smell, requiring the wall to eventually be replaced. Tiles used for splashbacks must be water resistant, and if the splashback is to surround a stove, the tiles must be heat resistant, so that they don’t crack when exposed to heat. Thus, splashbacks are usually made from glass, ceramic, stone or stainless steel.

Gone are the days of plain coloured splashbacks! Currently, patterned splashbacks are all the rage. The results are stunning, and can also…

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