Eco-Friendly Tips for Home Renovations in Sydney

Deciding to move forward with a renovation project can be an exciting process.  With the right design team, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free experience that brings your vision to life.  Many of today’s homeowners have a keen focus on making their home more environmentally friendly.  If you would like to “go green” with your home renovations in Sydney, there are many options.  Decreasing your carbon footprint with simple design solutions can also give you lower energy bills, decreased water usage, and a unique look for your home.

As more people seek out eco-friendly alternatives for the home, it’s possible to find solutions for all areas.  Whether making over a single room or the entire house, you can make changes from floor to ceiling that will put an environmentally friendly spin on the area.  Some options for your home may include:

  • Floors

For flooring, you can select one of many eco-friendly materials that offer a sleek look without damage to the environment.  Things like bamboo wood floors, cork flooring, and floors made from recycled glass, rubber, or plastic are popular, durable, and functional.

  • Walls

For walls, you can find nature-based paints that contain no chemicals or toxins.  You could also use materials that are eco-friendly like recycled glass tiles for your kitchen or man-made stone products.

  • Plumbing Fixtures

For your bathroom or kitchen, you can introduce low-flow fixtures that will save water.

  • Lighting

Whether you change your fixtures or just your bulbs, eco-friendly halogen bulbs will save energy and allow you to go green in every room.

When you’re ready to go forward with your eco-friendly Sydney home renovations, DBM is eager to help.  With a team of experts standing by, you can find support every step of the way.



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