Top Trends in Sydney Kitchen Designs

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, Sydney kitchen designs will play an important part of making sure your family is able to enjoy time together.  With the right layout, design, and storage, you can love the way your kitchen looks while making the most of this essential space.  Design professionals will work with you to create the ideal look for your kitchen, no matter how large or how small the changes.  When you’re ready to move forward with a kitchen design project, you’ll want to consider your design goals and budget.


There are many popular trends in Sydney kitchen designs.  Depending on your décor preferences, you can choose a look that is super modern, ultra traditional, or somewhere in between.  The goal of the designer will be to give you the kitchen of your dreams, so your vision will be an important element as you move forward with the project.  The DBM team offers you an array of design options so you are able to achieve the project goals for your kitchen.


The main Sydney kitchen designs at DBM include:

  • Ultra Modern

Ideal for homeowners that love sleek lines and minimalist style, this kitchen features horizontal cabinetry and lots of storage.  If you love modern design, this is the kitchen for you.

  • Contemporary

For homeowners that love contemporary design without the minimalist approach of Ultra Modern, the Contemporary kitchen is ideal.  With contrasting colours/materials, café style features, and an inviting feeling, this DBM kitchen will make your entire family feel right at home.

  • Traditional

If you love elegance and tradition, this DBM kitchen could be the answer.  With rich colours, decorative finishes, and many style options, you can find your way to the kitchen of your dreams.

When you’re ready to connect with the leading Sydney kitchen designs, contact the DBM team.


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