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Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the most likely to be built with a generic, one size fits all approach when a house is constructed, and yet is one of the most essential for comfort and hygiene. Since most bathrooms are quite small, or at least smaller than the other rooms of the house, rational, ergonomic design is paramount, yet it is often missing from standardized chambers of this kind. DBM ( provides bathroom renovations in Sydney which will both make this space more attractive and more convenient for you to use.

With the limited floor space in a bathroom, the exact placement of the bathtub or shower stall, the toilet, and the sink or sinks can make an immense difference in how easy it is move around in the room. If these elements are misplaced or clumsily arranged, then you will find yourself banging your knees or elbows, needing to twist awkwardly to reach features that should be readily accessible, and so forth.

When you hire DBM to carry out a full bathroom renovation in your Sydney home, the first thing we do is look at the layout and design, and see whether it needs to be improved. We will clearly explain the changes we think are necessary and get your approval before we proceed, of course. However, with our experience and the skill of the construction workers we engage for each project, you can be confident that our design will make use of your bathroom easier and more enjoyable.

We do not neglect the aesthetic side, either, and can make entirely artistic renovations if desired. The geometric shapes and reliance on volume and texture that marks modern architectural design is admirably suited to a bathroom, giving it a crisp, clean, bright look that makes the room welcoming – and easier to clean, on a more practical level.

When you find yourself in need of bathroom renovations for either practical or aesthetic reasons, in short (or a mix of both), then you can turn to DBM ( for cutting edge yet thoughtful design that remains within your budget while expanding the possibilities of your home’s interior convenience and style.



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