Exquisite Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

The kitchen is just as important a room as any in the house – and, assuming that you do any home cooking at all, it is one of those which sees the heaviest day to day use. Heat from the stove, moisture from the sink, vibrations from the refrigerator, the opening and closing of drawers and cabinets, steam and grease rising from the pots and pans bubbling on the burners – all take their toll on the fixtures and finishes of the kitchen. When you need a fresh, new look to your cooking area, DBM (www.dbm.com.au) can provide exquisite kitchen renovations in Sydney that will be both attractive and practical for you.

There are several different approaches that can be taken to kitchen design, including traditional arrangements and aesthetics that still have potential today. One of the advantages of modern times is that our awareness of past designs is far greater than our ancestors had, with their limited, parochial communications and reliance on the printed word rather than illustrations and diagrams to transmit aesthetic ideas from one place to another.

Thus, we can choose between everything from French provincial to Shaker style and everything in between, either quoted directly in designs or mixed and matched into something which is completely new but has a feel of history as well as the freshness of a quirky approach. Traditional designs tend to be a bit “heavier” and more elaborate, and make more use of wood than many modern designs, but they are also gracious and cosy when designed with skill.

Modern designs, on the other hand, are much lighter and crisper, with far few details and their beauty stemming mostly from precision, light colours, and gleaming, polished surfaces. A contemporary kitchen is very easy to clean, thanks both materials and the smooth, planar nature of designs, and also gives a feeling of freedom and infinite possibilities – as well as a strong dash of sophisticated yet relaxed elegance.

Function and form are melded into one refreshing result when you get kitchen renovations in Sydney from DBM (www.dbm.com.au). Call us today and get a fresh start on one of the most important areas of the house – and one where you are likely to spend quite a bit of time as well.



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