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When you walk into your bathroom in the morning, or in the evening after a hard day’s work, you want to feel refreshed and relaxed just by virtue of the surroundings you are in. A bathroom should look bright, clean, hygienic, and welcoming – all attributes that modern interior design is admirably suited to bringing to these small but crucial spaces. You can find the cutting edge bathroom designers for Sydney modernity whom you need at DBM.

When designing a bathroom, it is necessary for a good designer to consider many things at once. One of these things is the flow of light through the room. Although you may not think of it very often, good, clear light is essential in a bathroom because it is often used for your morning or evening toilette and minor medical treatments on the face as well.

When you are washing your face in the morning before going to work, brushing your hair, plucking your eyebrows into the correct gull-wing curve, applying makeup, or simply trying to get a stray eyelash out of your eye with a wet cotton swab, you typically carry out these chores at the bathroom mirror – and you need excellent lighting, too. The light must be bright and clear without being harsh, and avoid casting shadows which might interfere with a clear view of your face.

If you have the misfortune to get a scratch or an insect bite on your face, you are also likely to go the bathroom. Your medicine cabinet may be there, with antiseptics, soothing creams, and the like, and you can best get a view of your face in the mirror if there is, once again, good light.

The highly skilled bathroom designers in Sydney that DBM provides take careful consideration of the lighting possibilities in your bathroom and optimize these for you in the design we offer. Making good use of both natural light (with well-placed windows) and artificial light, we will make your bathroom both pleasant and practical, improving your visibility while keeping illumination mellow and welcoming to make you feel thoroughly at home. Call us today for more information!

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