Practical yet Innovative Kitchen Designs in Sydney

Everyone wants their kitchen to look its best, just like the other rooms in their house, yet this chamber is one of the most challenging to design correctly. A blend of artistry and practicality is necessary to make a truly great kitchen – one where everything is convenient, comfortable, and ergonomic, yet also pleasantly refreshing and stimulating to the imagination.

Though kitchens like this are rare, it is our everyday mission to offer you excellent kitchen designs in Sydney – one of the many features of DBM ( that makes us industry leaders in all kinds of interior design, home construction, and home renovation.

Kitchens must be easy to move around in if you are to use them comfortably on a daily basis. Banging your elbows and knees on poorly-placed counters, spending extra time manoeuvring around barricade-like islands, and needing to travel from end of the room to the other repeatedly in order to carry out the most basic tasks all lessen the convenience of a kitchen.

We pay careful attention to the spatial relationships of your kitchen, making it open and readily accessible for your comfort and to make cooking faster and simpler. Placement of stoves, sinks, refrigerators, counters, and cabinets will not be thoughtless or haphazard when DBM is on the job. Instead, each feature will be placed where it will be most ergonomic and convenient.

A kitchen should also be easy to clean, since spilled food, cooking grease from the stove, and various types of debris are common in this area of the house. We make use of materials – and smooth, clean surfaces – that are readily cleansed to ensure that you do not need to spend hours scrubbing your kitchen in order to keep the place spic and span.

Finally, our ultramodern designs make use of the unleashed imagination of the modern era to turn your kitchen into an almost sculptural expression of your lifestyle and personal approach. DBM – online at – is your prime source for stellar kitchen designs in Sydney. Call us for more information and to arrange for a consultation and design brief.


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