Well-Planned Laundry Renovations for Your Sydney Home

Good planning is the key to making a laundry that serves your garment cleaning needs properly, yet all too often, laundries are designed in a haphazard, aimless way that squanders their potential. Many designers are content to simply throw together a few fixtures, more or less at random, and consider their work on this “unimportant” room to be finished. At DBM (www.dbm.net.au), however, we view the laundry as being just as critical as any other and work hard to make the room as useful, convenient, and attractive as possible.

Renovating your laundry may be necessary because it is starting to show its age, or just because it was poorly designed when the house was built and you want a more ergonomic, stylish place to wash and iron your clothes.

Focusing on the practical side of the laundry, this room needs to have enough features to contain your clothes through the whole washing process. There needs to be space for a laundry basket to be placed, while still leaving ample room for you to move around, loading clothes into the washing machine, fetching the detergent or bleach, and so on. This area should be easy to clean so that you can keep the laundry sparkling and not need to worry about dirtying your clothes if you drop them after washing them.

Space to sort clothes, a sink for washing delicates or scrubbing out a spot of food, wine, or other soiling before putting the garments into the washing machine, and shelves or cabinets are all needed fixtures in such a chamber, too. The shelves and cabinets should be within reach but placed so that they will not interfere with your freedom of movement, and can be used for storing everything from detergent and soap to spare parts for your washing machine, a clothes iron, clothes brushes or hangers, and so forth.

There is also the question of whether or not to include drying racks and ironing boards in the laundry itself. If there is room, these installations can often be folding types, which can be folded out of the way when unnecessary and extended when that stage of cleaning has been reached. These are just a few of the highly practical design considerations you can expect from DBM (www.dbm.net.au) when you hire us for laundry renovations.


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