Laundry Renovations that Sydney Homeowners will Enjoy

The laundry usually isn’t the most artistic room in any house, with its focus on basic functionality elbowing out all other considerations. However, with DBM ( and our team of expert consultants and coordinators involved, even this utilitarian room can be given a stimulating whiff of contemporary charm. We will ensure full functionality, of course, but when you hire us for laundry renovations in Sydney, we will also keep an eye out for aesthetic possibilities.

The smooth, light-coloured materials and emphasis on planes and geometric volumes for decoration which characterizes modern concepts of décor (rather than baroque detail work) fit in perfectly with the practical considerations of laundry design. White or light-coloured surfaces with smooth, non-porous texture are excellent for a room where wet or dirty clothes will often be draped over counter-tops – and are, simultaneously, exactly what are needed for evoking the modern aesthetic.

Style in our age consists not so much of putting as much intricate detail work into every square centimetre of a room as it does of making sure everything is in proportion and that the different planes, angles, and volumes give an intriguing sculptural appearance. Cutting edge design relies on these factors for its crisp, attention-getting effects, and the same is true of our laundry renovations.

The use of light colours in the laundry serves several purposes. The most immediate from the viewpoint of making your laundry fashionable is that these colours give a clean, vibrant, inviting look, while preserving a certain stark vigour as well.

However, it also serves the eminently practical aims of giving you clear illumination from many directions, as light reflects from the walls and fixtures, so that you can examine clothing carefully for cleanliness or small rips and holes. You can also quickly spot any dirt that is brought in along with dirty work clothing or kids’ clothes, for example, and scrub it away before it blotches other, clean clothing.

If you are looking for a mix of high practicality and inspiring aesthetics, then put your laundry renovations in Sydney in the capable hands of DBM ( We bring just as much dedication and skill to the smallest job as to the largest – call us for a free quote.


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