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If there is one room in the house which needs to be waterproof, it is the bathroom – a place where there is not only a sink, shower or bathtub, and toilet, but also a lot of condensation when you are taking a long, hot shower. Seeing large, gleaming drops sliding down the walls is a sign that you are truly cleansing the day’s grime and deeply relaxing your muscles, but it is also a sight best seen when you are confident the tiles are well sealed and the walls behind them will not rot out.

The bathroom designs for Sydney that DBM ( offers to you are both full of modern flair and given the proper technical attention to make sure that your bathroom will serve you well for many years with no problems. A well-constructed bathroom looks crisp and inviting, and at the same time is engineered to stand up to the moisture and humidity commonly found in the space.

Slapdash construction, no matter how flashy, is unacceptable in a room which is exposed to the wetness that bathrooms experience in their day to day use. Waterproof tiles, such as glazed ceramic, linoleum, stone or faux stone and the like are used by all knowledgeable interior designers in order to keep dampness confined to the room itself. These materials lend themselves to modern designs, with their emphasis on clean, smooth, blank surfaces and the use of geometric volumes for decoration.

Proper ventilation helps to vent this humidity, and DBM’s designers pay attention to this matter as well. Warm, steamy air is transferred outside and drier air pulled into the bathroom, while simultaneously avoiding drafts. This keeps the atmosphere comfortable and less stifling even when you are taking a long shower.

Visit our website today at to see some examples of our high quality bathroom designs for Sydney, and then call us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote on the renovation of your own bathroom by the expert interior designers at DBM!



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