Good design makes a small space seem much bigger

buy diflucan pill If you’re going to undertake something as important as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you’ll get more out of your space by drawing on the talents of an experienced designer.

can you order propecia online A specialist kitchen or bathroom designer will intuitively ‘see’ how you can achieve much more than you may think is possible in your renovation.

For example, a kitchen renovation we recently undertook for a client in Sydney transformed it from being a poky and awkward area into an energised space that integrated seamlessly with the adjacent living room.

“I love my new kitchen,” said the owner. “dbm’s design ideas have given me a kitchen that reflects exactly how my family lives. The cabinets have been designed to exactly match their purpose and what’s stored in them. This means everything I need to use is easily accessible and there’s no visual clutter.”

In the design we came up with for this client, we suggested relocating an adjacent bathroom to a more logical position, which allowed us to convert the former bathroom into a generous, purpose built pantry.

“While the actual footprint of the kitchen is not all that much bigger than the original, it feels vastly bigger,” said the owner. “Everything from the choice of finishes to the placement of each element has contributed to making the kitchen seem more generous and expansive.”

In the previous ‘standard’ kitchen layout, the family members had found themselves continually in each other’s way. By introducing distinct zones and considering carefully how the family uses the kitchen, the kitchen design we developed significantly reduced the amount of ‘traffic’, making it much easier to use.

“By focussing on getting the design of our kitchen renovation absolutely right, we’ve ended up with a space that contributes a lot of energy and happiness to the way we live,” said the owner. “When people come to visit they can’t get over how much bigger the kitchen seems since the renovation.”


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