Sleek downdraft rangehoods keep kitchens looking streamlined

buy viagra online reviews Having a kitchen free of visual clutter is many people’s dream.

best place buy generic viagra canada We are often asked to design a kitchen that has a minimal look, and an important consideration in this is the choice of rangehood.

In the not too distant past, the only choice was to have a large overhead rangehood that tended to be a dominating feature in the kitchen.

Not any more. Today, more and more of our clients are choosing a downdraft rangehood that disappears from view at the touch of a button.

Sounds good? Yes, it does, and for many good reasons.

A huge benefit of a downdraft rangehood is that it can be installed practically anywhere.

Under a window or in an island bench or anywhere else you can think of, this slick and efficient steam extractor will emerge only when needed, then retreat out of sight when it’s not, via its smooth hydraulics.

A downdraft rangehood is a particularly good choice in rooms with low ceilings, or where you have a view you don’t want to obstruct.

The Wolf range of downdraft rangehoods is the system we often recommend. It’s quiet and easy to wipe down to keep clean. Built from stainless steel, it complements the look of many kitchen styles.

For those who are keen to keep their kitchen as tidy looking as possible, we think islands are better for cooktops rather than kitchen sinks. This is because with a cooktop, the island is only busy when you are cooking and packing away, whereas kitchen sinks tend to attract bits and pieces all day long.

A kitchen island that incorporates a cooktop can be a real feature when you are entertaining too. Guests can gather around and be served straight from the cooktop, which is much more convivial than gathering around to watch you wash up!

As Sydney kitchen designers, we can help you create a customised and stylish kitchen to fit the way you live.


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