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Printed glass splashbacks are a fantastic way to inject a bold visual statement in your kitchen renovation.

There is virtually no limit to the look you can create. You may be inspired by a piece of artwork, a nature scene or any kind of graphic elements – and by having it printed on a glass splashback, it will be there for you to enjoy each time you enter your kitchen.

The trend towards open plan living (incorporating kitchens) makes printed glass splashbacks especially exciting. It’s easy to make it a central feature, introducing a strong style note into the space.

You can match the glass to a full spectrum of colours, so that it hits exactly the right note in your setting.

Being glass, it’s simple to maintain, with a quick wipe down to keep clean.

And with the right choice and positioning of lighting, you can really highlight its beauty.

Printed glass splashbacks are very popular in modern kitchens in the UK and Europe right now, and they are also being used in many of the luxury kitchens we help create here in Sydney.

If you would like to personalise your kitchen with a custom designed printed glass splashback, talk to us. As part of our complete kitchen design and renovation service, we would be pleased to assist.

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