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Whatever your décor, choosing a bold, show-stopping element is a great way to add energy to a room, and make it a place that gives you pleasure every time you enter.

For some, it’s a great piece of art; others may choose a gorgeous ‘look at me’ light fitting, rug or furnishings with an arresting design.

Particularly in pared back contemporary kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms, a single and lively element is a great way to inject visual interest in the space.

Some great examples are these from a Sydney home for which dbm completed a recent renovation.

In the modern, open plan living room below, a beautiful piece of marble backs the gas flame fireplace. Like an artwork, the marble catches your eye as soon as you enter the generous space.

And in the kitchen below – like a slick of red lipstick – this coloured glass splashback punctuates the streamlined kitchen, making the area more dynamic.

At dbm, we design fantastic kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms throughout Sydney. We’re good at translating your ideas about how you want your renovation to look, and also how you plan to live in and use the space.

Contact us to discover how your kitchen, bathroom or home makeover will be one you’ll be thrilled with by drawing on our design and renovation skills.

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