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Key to a clean-lined, organised home is to incorporate the right type of storage to suit your belongings.

This penthouse apartment in the Sydney CBD features many angled walls, making it unsuitable for most pre-built storage options.

dbm helped our client to overcome these challenges by designing custom joinery that flatters the apartment’s interesting angles, makes a great use of all existing space and matches the opulent interior design style of the rest of the apartment.

In the photo below, a bespoke desk in walnut timber frames the study. A diagonal bookcase fits into an angled wall and makes a great design feature.

Elsewhere in the apartment, we designed a custom built-in wardrobe to match the specific items it would house.

Featuring fine craftsmanship, it is styled to match the French boudoir theme of the room.

The mirrored panels capture the light and views outside and the internal storage reflects the different height and space requirements of stored items.

If you would like to discuss how custom joinery can create a better use of space in your interior renovation project, we would be pleased to help.

Contact us to learn more about our Sydney custom joinery design services.


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