Lights for looks and ‘looking’

is it safe to purchase clomid online Making good choices in lighting will have a huge impact on how a room makes you feel when you’re in it.

inderal order uk Think about last time you walked into a great restaurant, bar or hotel. Most likely it featured a variety of lighting – from soft, moody light for people to relax in, to brighter, task-oriented light in ‘work areas’ to help the staff do their jobs properly.

It’s the same in your home. You can mix and match from a choice of lighting options to create a particular mood and also to supply the right type of light for work areas.

For example, a lovely ambience can be easily achieved with lamps, accent lighting such as up-lights or lights that focus on a piece of art.

Mood lighting such as LED strip lighting under the edges of cabinetry will enhance architectural details and give a subtle glow.

Task lighting over working areas (for example over kitchen bench tops) tends to be bright and broad so that you can comfortably work there.

It’s also possible to install lighting behind features such as granite walls or glass splash backs to softly illuminate their beauty. And there is a huge range of statement pendants to choose from that can quickly become the focal point of a space.

At dbm, we know that great lighting makes your home feel more inviting and easier to live in.

In the work we do with our Sydney home renovation clients, one of the services we offer is to guide and advise our clients on the best choice of lighting. In doing so, they are able to create beautiful and highly effective lighting for their kitchen, bathroom or living space at the flick of a switch.

Talk to one of our experienced kitchen, bathroom or living space designers about our Sydney lighting design service.

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