Add warmth and value with natural stone interiors A strong trend in many of the Sydney home renovations we complete is the use of natural stone. Perfect for flooring, walls, kitchen benchtops and as design elements such as border tiles (paired with ceramic or porcelain tiles) and fireplace surrounds, natural stone adds a beautiful and lasting statement to your home renovation.

The type of natural stone commonly used is limestone, slate, granite, travertine, sandstone and marble.

Each of these has a different colour and texture, with colours ranging from soft creams through to dark ash tones. As a natural stone, you will of course see variations in one sample to the next in the same type of stone, and this is part of its warmth and appeal.

Different types of stone also vary in their degree of ‘hardness’ so some will be more suitable for areas that receive tougher treatment, such as flooring in heavy traffic areas. Slate, for example, is formed from volcanic ash and is very hardwearing and durable.

Natural stone supplied by CDK Stone

You can also achieve different looks depending on how the stone is finished. Honed stone is ground to a smooth finish. By being hand split, riven stone creates a more rustic, irregular look. With a layer of gloss applied, polished stone features a high shine.

You can highlight the colour and veins that appear in the stone through well thought out lighting.

Natural stone offers a great many advantages in terms of great looks and hardworking functionality.

Talk to the dbm team in Sydney and be inspired by the great ideas we have for incorporating natural stone into your home renovation.


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