Professional Interior Decorators for Sydney Homes

Interior decoration is a process that centres around finding opportunities, and then developing them in a direction that nobody ever thought of before – a direction that will take your breath away when you step into your own home. The professional interior decorators for Sydney houses who make up the staff of DBM ( are dedicated to finding the unseen potential in your living space and bringing it creatively into the open.

Changing the pedestrian to the inspiring in interior decoration is a challenging job, but one that we relish. Every client and every space that they live, work, or play in is different and unique, which is why a need exists for our services. All too often, a home’s interior is drearily the same as ten thousand other dwellings throughout Australia, and millions throughout the world. Uniformity is not a human trait, however. We are the most individualistic creatures on Earth, and your house should be a reflection of what makes you who you are, as well as a pleasant, elegant space to inhabit.

As you glance through our portfolio on, and the other pages of the sight, you will see how varied the work we can do for you is. From warm, rich patterns and textures like those found in the 18th and 19th century interior design or the more recent Art Deco period – but given a modern twist – to the clean, gleaming woods and white, geometrically angled walls of ultramodern interior design, we will make use of the natural flow of your home’s rooms to make your abode both a convenient dwelling and an inspiring work of art.

We will even construct custom made designer furniture for certain rooms of your house if that is what will best serve to bring out the striking new design that we have created, working closely with you. Every house is a sophisticated designer statement waiting to be unleashed, and DBM’s professional interior decorators from Sydney will release that potential. We will give you a house that is satisfyingly contemporary while retaining all the comforts and amenities our era offers.


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