Laundry Renovations in Sydney

The laundry is one of the most function-oriented areas in your home – but this, unfortunately, does not mean that its design is always functional. This is a critical distinction because it means that the laundry is a spot where practical convenience is paramount, yet where it is all too seldom present because of careless designing by whoever built the house.

Laundry renovations in Sydney can make cleaning, drying, and pressing your clothes much easier – which is why DBM (, one of New South Wales’ most effective interior design and renovation companies – is ready to help you with a complete redesign of the area which will make it much more pleasant and efficient for you to use.

The laundry is often a fairly confined space, and something as simple as a poor arrangement of appliances, drying racks, and ironing boards can result in a steady stream of bruised elbows, barked shins, and sundry other bumps and contusions over the years. Even if the laundry is not this ergonomically unpleasant (and many are), a bad layout can still prolong the work you need to do here for a much greater time than is strictly necessary.

We will examine the space available for your laundry, then make the renovations needed to make it far handier. This may involve shifting the positions of appliances and work surfaces, such as fold-down drying racks and ironing boards. Placement of a drying rack may seem unimportant, but you can transfer wet clothing to it much faster if it has been deftly positioned to be easily reached, without turning, by someone standing in front of the washing machine, as just one example.

Of course, we are also a group of enthusiastic, highly professional interior decorators from Sydney, so we will also look for ways to make your laundry more attractive as well as more serviceable. A good looking laundry with just a touch of modern style will make working on the chore of cleaning and ironing clothes more pleasant, and will fit in with the décor of the rest of your house.

In short, when you need laundry renovations in Sydney, DBM is an all round choice for skilful interior decorators who will improve the space for you – and can offer many improvements to the rest of your house if you wish, too.

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