Home Renovations for Sydney Convenience and Style

Renovating the whole home sounds like a disruptive and troublesome event, but we at DBM (www.dbm.net.au) pride ourselves on being skilled in carrying out complete home renovations for Sydney homeowners in a minimally intrusive way, transforming your house into a sleek modern masterpiece while disturbing the normal rhythms of your day and life as little as possible.

Renovating the interior of an entire house so that the result is unified yet varied, comfortable yet intriguing, requires a dynamic combination of experience, knowledge, and creativity. Our professional interior decorators are able to keep a keen eye on the larger picture, noting the spatial flow of your home’s interior and how best to fit each room into that space to make a cohesive whole, yet also attending carefully to all the details which together create both convenience and sophisticated style.

Lines of sight, the balance of light in the interior, and the flow of both open space and that occupied by furniture must be taken into full consideration at each stage of the process. If one side of the house is bright and the other dark, for example, it will create a lopsided, uncomfortable feeling that will cause people to avoid the darker side of the structure’s interior.

Lines of sight need to be kept open so that the home feels free, unconfined, and spacious. Even a small home can be made to seem like a place where you have room to stretch out and relax if your eye has a window or other opening to fall upon from nearly any direction, extending perspectives into the outdoors. Transitions from room to room should be definite but smooth, and the whole interior decorated to the same standard to ensure that your house feels well proportioned and harmonious.

Colour, shape, geometry, and texture are used boldly in contemporary design to create striking effects undreamed of throughout history. Whether you prefer a traditional look with just enough freshness and individuality to bring it into the modern age, or an unconventional, futuristic look, DBM can provide you with thorough home renovations in Sydney at an affordable price and unimpeachable quality.


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