Renovation with House Builders in Sydney

Interior designers and house builders are typically different people, since each job requires a highly developed skill set that leaves little time for developing a different set of talents as well. However, DBM (, one of Sydney’s principal renovation and interior design services, brings interior decorators and house builders in Sydney together to create masterpieces of modern décor that are also sound, sturdy installations that will last for decades.

There are many fine house builders in Sydney and its suburbs, serving the ongoing construction and repair needs of this teeming city of four and a half million souls that stands on the shores of the Tasman Sea. Our company has contacted these professionals and has a working relationship with them which allows us to use their services when renovating your house.

This is an added bonus for you, our client, in several different ways. One is that the reconfiguration of your rooms is carried out by people who know their way around a hammer, a nail gun, and construction materials. The changes made to your house will be tough and long lasting, built in such a way as to meld with the fabric of the house and not only gain strength from it, but help to make it stronger by adding additional supporting material in critical areas.

Since the activities of these house builders from Sydney is overseen by highly skilled and experienced interior designers, their activities will be channelled to building attractive new features in your house. The renovations will not be pedestrian, ordinary changes that a house builder might think of, but the cutting edge, contemporary details that DBM specializes in, each carefully chosen to match the spatial flow of your interior and add to its elegance and “designer” feel.

We are in long term working relationships with many of these construction firms, who have come to appreciate the precision and highly finished surfaces needed for contemporary home interior design. They are familiar with our methods and materials and know how to apply to them to best effect – to create a house that will be eminently satisfying and intriguing for you to live in.


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