Choosing the Cream of the Residential Designers in Sydney

Flexibility, an innovative approach, a dedication to hard work and detail, and a sweepingly creative sense of the possibilities inherent in every interior no matter how ordinary it might appear, are all traits that go into making a good residential designer in the Sydney area. The designers who make up the staff of our firm, DBM (online at possess these personality traits in abundance, and you can count on us to handle any renovation job with panache, style, and close attention to getting the house into the form you would like most.

Kitchen renovations are among the many types that we can handle. The place where you make your meals, and perhaps spend time with your family at certain times of the day, too, is one where modern design has a lot to offer. From granite counters to the white freshness of new tiles, from the decorative and practical potential of cabinets to the elegant details of well chosen sinks and cottages, we can transform your kitchen into a sophisticated fashion statement and a hygienic, convenient place to prepfaceare food at the same time.

Bathroom and laundry renovations can bring beauty and exciting contemporary styling to these areas, and make them more ergonomic and easy to use as well. Bold yet careful design is necessary to make the most of these spaces, which are usually confined and much smaller than other rooms in the house. We will set them up for optimal usefulness as well as picking out the designs that will complement your house’s décor to best advantage.

Bedroom design can be augmented with the custom designed furniture that we will optionally add to this space to give it a clean modern look while also preserving the cozy, relaxing aspects that a bedroom should have. In short, whether you want a single room or the whole interior of your house redesigned, DBM offers you the cream of the residential designers in Sydney to bring your decorating dreams into tangible reality!


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