Stunningly Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

Even though home-cooked meals have become a rarity in our career-oriented world, there are still many occasions when we find ourselves in this room of the house – eating breakfast together before dispersing to work and school locations, preparing meals on the weekends, entertaining guests, and so on.

Modern interior design is particularly well suited to kitchens, with its emphasis on bright, gleaming, easily cleaned surfaces and shapes that look stylish in the food-preparing area of the house. When you are looking for stunning, intriguing modern kitchen designs for your Sydney home, DBM ( is the firm that offers you some of the best interior design on the market today.

Each kitchen that our artistic, professional designers create is unique, blending the factors of the home’s general décor, your wishes and needs, and the opportunities offered by the space in your house where the kitchen is located to produce an individual room that is found nowhere else on Earth. The entire purpose of using an interior designer, after all, is to transform part or all of your house into a decorative statement that expresses your individuality and makes your home more pleasant to live in.

The kitchen designs for Sydney residents that we offer include three broad categories, which we use to narrow down the range of “looks” that you want for your kitchen. Traditional, contemporary, and ultra-modern are the main types of kitchen that DBM’s high quality workers will create for you. Within each of these categories, there is infinite room for unique variations – these designations are guidelines, not straitjackets, or better yet, stepping stones launching kitchen design in fresh directions.

Traditional kitchens are based on the best kitchen designs devised in the past, including Edwardian and Victorian types. These are given a fresh, imaginative approach that will pique your imagination, but also evoke the timeless feeling of coziness that a kitchen should inspire. The warm, silky organic feel of polished and finished woods join hand painted details and gleaming ceramics and metal fittings in this variety of kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens focus more on glass, steel, and ceramics than on woods and painted details, and have a crisp, clean look. They are bright and open, and if they are slightly less cozy, they are still welcoming and have a pleasantly hygienic feel to them.

Ultramodern kitchens are those featuring an almost sculptural minimalism that focuses on geometric volumes and shapes rather than details. These extremely sleek, spare kitchens declare that you are one who lives at the cutting edge of kitchen designs in Sydney – and with the high production values and dedication to quality that marks DBM, you will be able to enjoy your kitchen’s intriguing new look for many years.


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