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Making good choices in lighting will have a huge impact on how a room makes you feel when you’re in it. Think about last time you walked into a great restaurant, bar or hotel. Most likely it featured a variety … Continue reading

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Hollywood glamour for Sydney kitchen renovation

In a sky-high apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour, the owners wanted a new kitchen that captured the opulence and glamour of yesteryear. “I worked closely with my client’s interior designer to create a kitchen makeover that complemented the art deco style … Continue reading

Posted in Custom joinery, Kitchen design, Kitchen ideas, Kitchen renovation, Luxury kitchens, Spacious kitchens, Sydney kitchen designs, Sydney kitchen renovations | Comments Off

Statement pieces stamp a room with your personality

Whatever your décor, choosing a bold, show-stopping element is a great way to add energy to a room, and make it a place that gives you pleasure every time you enter. For some, it’s a great piece of art; others … Continue reading

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Add your own style with a printed glass splashback

Printed glass splashbacks are a fantastic way to inject a bold visual statement in your kitchen renovation. There is virtually no limit to the look you can create. You may be inspired by a piece of artwork, a nature scene … Continue reading

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Sleek downdraft rangehoods keep kitchens looking streamlined

Having a kitchen free of visual clutter is many people’s dream. We are often asked to design a kitchen that has a minimal look, and an important consideration in this is the choice of rangehood. In the not too distant … Continue reading

Posted in Kitchen design, Kitchen renovation, Luxury kitchens, Spacious kitchens | Comments Off

Good design makes a small space seem much bigger

If you’re going to undertake something as important as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you’ll get more out of your space by drawing on the talents of an experienced designer. A specialist kitchen or bathroom designer will intuitively ‘see’ how … Continue reading

Posted in Bathroom design, Bathroom renovation, Kitchen design, Kitchen renovation, Luxury kitchens, Spacious kitchens | Comments Off