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Sydney bathroom renovations that are refreshingly beautiful

Bathroom Renovations SydneyPerhaps more than any other room in the home, bathrooms are highly personal spaces. That’s why we take the time to understand your personal style and what features you want your bathroom to contain. Then, armed with our knowledge of the latest quality products plus our experience of having created many outstanding Sydney bathroom renovations, we come up with a unique design to match your likes and needs.

We’ve designed countless bathroom makeovers of all sizes and styles, including:


Modern Bathroom Designs SydneyOur modern bathroom designs create a calm ambience with clean-lined sophistication.

Minimalist and sleek, modern bathrooms are often characterised by a square, symmetrical look featuring larger tiles, a contrast between floors and walls, frameless shower screens, tall tapware and large mirrors.


Sydney Bathroom RenovationsWarm and welcoming, our traditional bathrooms typically include many ornamental details such as smaller tiles, tile capping, decorative tapware and fittings, claw foot baths, framed mirrors, and a finishes including marble and timber.

Traditional bathrooms designed by dbm span many styles including farmhouse, French Provincial, and period style (including Edwardian, Victorian and Federation).

And don’t feel limited to these styles… Tell us what bathroom remodeling concept makes your heart sing and we can design it!

Looking for inspiration?

Our extensive experience in bathroom makeovers means we can inspire and guide you in your choices so that your new bathroom is a place of sheer pleasure.

We know where to source the best in designer bathroom fittings and finishes so that we can save you the time and effort of researching it yourself. And when it’s time to select the specifics – such as taps, baths, shower screens, tiles, toilets and more – we can choose them together or you can leave it up to us to select for you. Our approach is all about creating a sensational bathroom with a minimum of fuss.

A dbm custom-built bathroom will give you a tranquil and energising space that is a real asset to your way of life.

Bathroom Renovations Sydney - Bathroom Designers Sydney – Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Talk to one of our experienced bathroom designers to find out more about our bathroom remodeling service that will add real value and appeal to your home.

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