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Get the benefit of a designer’s eye every step of the way

With dbm, from the very beginning you’ll be talking with a designer – not a sales representative. All of our designers have many years of experience in all types of Sydney kitchen designs and bathroom renovations – large and small. And so with every conversation, you will benefit from the specialist insight and expertise they have to offer.

Getting Started

After we’ve had the chance to talk to you about your kitchen or bathroom renovation, we can work out if we’re the right fit for you, and make a time for an initial meeting.

At this meeting, we’ll listen to what you want your bathroom or kitchen renovation to achieve. We’ll also find out from you how you live your life so that we can work out what features your bathroom or kitchen renovation will need to include. For example, if your renovation involves a new kitchen, we’ll ask you whether you like to entertain and how, what types of storage you need, what kind of preparation area you like to have and more. We also look at the position of your kitchen or bathroom in relation to how it fits with the rest of your home, how well it makes use of natural light, how well it flows with adjoining spaces and any other important considerations that need to be taken into account.

As Sydney kitchen and bathroom designers and renovation specialists, we’ve worked on many prestigious and challenging projects. This gives us the insight to make suggestions that can help you achieve a better end result for your renovation than you might have thought possible.

We do a complete evaluation of the area you wish to renovate, formulate a brief and present you with a broad design concept and cost estimate. This initial meeting is obligation-free and will generally take around 2 hours.

Then, if you like our ideas, we move onto the Design Proposal and Development stage. (Alternatively, you can choose to buy our Design Proposal by paying a fee.)



Design proposal and development

Many companies have a pre-designed range of kitchen design or bathroom renovation ideas. We’ve found that our clients prefer a much more individual approach. So, based on the design brief we obtained at our initial meeting, we will apply our collective thinking to come up with a fresh and energising design that maximises what you can get out of your space. It will include suggestions about the latest fittings and finishes that will ensure a great result. The design proposal will provide broad details of cost estimates associated with the design.

Final Presentation

When you give us the go-ahead based on the design proposal, we will develop a full presentation of the design concept. It will include working plans, elevation and 3D views as well as a full cost analysis of the design proposal.

Produce final drawings and getting organised

After you have given approval based on the final presentation, we can start making arrangements for your kitchen design or bathroom renovation to proceed. This can include preparation of plans for submission to council, shop drawings for manufacture, and material and product specifications. If you wish, we can also develop interior designs and decorating concepts including specifications for soft furnishings, fabrics, wall finishes, tiling, carpets and more.

Your renovation, underway

You will be allocated a renovation co-ordinator who is highly experienced in all aspects of project management, design and construction. You’ll receive a timeline of your bathroom or kitchen renovation and begin to see it unfold as our qualified and licensed builders and tradespeople bring your renovation to life.

Your renovation co-ordinator will manage each step so everything is completed to our meticulous standards, and with minimum disruption to you.

What’s more, because you have a single point of communication, it is much easier to ask questions and to stay informed about how your renovation is proceeding.

We know there are plenty of stories out there that suggest that renovation can be, well, unpleasant. At dbm we do all we can to make the process enjoyable for you. As one of our clients said to us, ‘You actually took the nightmare out of renovation’.



And finally…handover

The skip is gone, the tools packed away and everything is spick and span. And we are as thrilled as you are with your beautiful new kitchen design or bathroom renovation.

In a nutshell, the above describes how we approach all of our Sydney kitchen designs and bathroom renovations – large, small, simple or complex. We really love what we do and take great pride in the many successful bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations we’ve created.

So if you’re interested in a kitchen or bathroom renovation that includes:

  1. a great design solution that enhances your lifestyle, and
  2. a co-ordinated process that takes care of every step so that it is as easy on you as possible

then contact our experienced team and we’ll be in touch.

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