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Pull the look together with our interior design services

dbm designs home interiors and offers a full range of services including custom furniture design (including built in wardrobes), bedroom designs (including modern bedroom furniture design), home office design and interior decorating.

Our Sydney custom joinery service can design purpose-built furniture that is personalised to your living space and requirements.

Whether it is an entertainment unit, kitchen cabinetry, home study furniture, bathroom furniture, built in wardrobes, modern bedroom furniture or more, we will work out with you specifically what is needed and arrange for it to be built to match your precise requirements.

Custom cabinetry and furniture

The cabinetry and furniture we can make for you is as individual as you are. For example, our custom designed, built in wardrobes are not stock standard – but instead take into account the exact dimensions required to store all of your personal belongings.

We have a selection of finishes available to match your decor and personal taste, including contemporary furniture, traditional furniture and more.


dbm design home interiors from start to finish

We can co-ordinate everything including choice of colours, floor coverings, art works, window furnishings and more.

Our qualified interior designers will meet with you to gain an understanding of your personal taste and the look and feel you want to achieve. Drawing on this, we will guide you in your interior decorating choices so that you can feel confident the finished look will be wonderful and accurately reflect what you were hoping for.


We can choose together or you can leave it up to us to bring you our recommendations

We know all the best places to select every type of interior element – from carpets, tiles, fabrics, window furnishings, homewares and more.

We can shop together, or you can leave it up to us to bring the look together. You get the benefit of our knowledge of the best and most up-to-date interior decorating suppliers so that we can quickly identify what is likely to work best in your home.

Contact us to find out about our custom joinery and complete interior design service.

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