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Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about having their kitchen or bathroom renovation designed and managed by us:

“We found the renovation we did with dbm to be really energising. We love all the little pleasures that we now live with โ€“ in the kitchen, bathroom, living spaces and throughout our home. These have come about because we were able to make wise and informed decisions in the planning and design process we did with dbm. The finished product is a constant source of delight.โ€
- Aimee & Peter

“Thank you Dean, Tracy and the DBM team. From the very outset we felt as though we were dealing with a very professional team. Our new kitchen looks fantastic and works well with the design of our home. Our new bedroom adds a further dimension to our house. We would like to thank the DBM team for creating a beautiful space out of what was our old kitchen. From the start to the finish the communication was great and our questions were always answered. I would recommend the DBM team to any family wishing to renovate their home.โ€
- Tim & Kate
“DBM’s organisation has been brilliant; the team’s standard of work attitude and cleanliness was outstanding. As we are sure you know very well, renovations (especially when you are trying to live and work in the midst of the project) can be rather stressful, you guys were so very accomodating. It is much appreciated; we will definitely use you again!”
- Bev & Mark
“We would like to express our delight and enjoyment with our new kitchen, thanks to you. Roger and I wanted to be absolutely sure about the new design of the kitchen and hoped it would compliment our previous extensive renovations. On your first visit we knew we had found the right people and the vision you gave us matched our wishes exactly.You were always available to talk, and your attention to detail was scrupulous. You provided us with a complete design service, help with purchasing appliances, organising trades that we needed and helping me with a few stressful moments. We now have a beautiful kitchen which I find has inspired me to actually bake in and our children enjoy it too. Many thanks, and we would never hesitate to recommend your design service to anyone, we know they will not be disappointed.” – Fiona & Roger
“We used DBM to renovate our 2.5 bedroom townhouse which was, to put it nicely, a “renovators dream”. We have been thrilled with the results. Even though we used an architect to come up with many design features, the DBM team contributed loads of practical and tasteful ideas. The DBM builders never put their tools down – they worked so hard and the quality of the work is faultless. Nothing was ever a problem for DBM. They handled any issues with us or contractors personally. Many people have nightmare experiences with their builders and find the whole experience stressful…we didnt have any at all. We are happy to recommend DBM to anybody considering getting renovation work done.”
- Amanda & Charles

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